Max tax - New registration

At MaTax Inc. we offer our customers a full array of services that are flexible, depending on your needs. We don’t believe in just throwing out numbers that will have you scratching your head.

We want to help you set up the perfect financial plan for your business or/and yourself that makes sense to you.

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New Business Registration

Our experts will explain and guide you about the type of business that is suitable for:
‣ Ontario Name Corporation or Ontario Number Corporation
‣ Federal Name Corporation or Federal Number Corporation
‣ Not for Profit Organization (NFPO) Registration
‣Master business license for Sole Proprietorship Business
‣ To get Export/Import Number / RM, we can help
‣ If you want to close the Business, we can help you to get the Articles of Dissolution.
‣ If you need Certificate of Revival or Articles of Amendment

Other information required for company registration:
‣ Where your primary office will be located -business address
‣ Which provinces and territories do you intend to operate
‣ Your proposed business names
‣ Director’s name and address
‣ Activity carried on by the business
‣ Person authorizing the registration of the business
‣ If you need Certificate of Revival or Articles of Amendment

We can guide you on what type of business ownership will work for you and help you with all the registrations. Getting a suitable ownership model is critical to the success of any business. Contact us for New Business Registration Services in Scarborough.