Copyright, Trademark & Patent Registration in Scarborough

Registering your business with Provincial, Territorial, and Federal Government is not enough to protect your brand. You need to apply for copyright, patent, and trademark with the Canadian Government. If you need to register your business in any of these categories, our team will help you with that! Contact us for Copyright, Trademark & Patent Registration in Scarborough.


A Copyright provides the owner with the exclusive legal right to publish, distribute, display, perform, or reproduce a creative work.

When you own the copyright in a work, you control how it is used to protect your creation. Others who want to use the work must buy or otherwise get your permission to use your property. The creator is usually the copyright owner; however, there are some cases where an employer may have a copyright created by employees unless there is an agreement between both parties.

By registering your copyright, you obtain a certificate issued by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office that can be used in court as evidence that you own it. For more information about copyrights, visit here

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A Trademark is a type of intellectual property that identifies products and services by one or combination of words, tastes, colours, symbols, phrase, sounds, scents, textures, and more. It is how customers recognize your company and differentiate you from your competitors.

To maintain your trademark registration, a renewal fee of every 10 years is required. Your trademark will be erased from the Register of Trademarks if you do not pay. The Registrar will send you a notice with information about your payment deadline.

For more information about copyrights, visit here


In Canada, the first person to file a patent application for an invention is entitled to patent rights. Through a patent, the government gives the inventor the authority to stop others from using or selling their invention from the day the patent is granted. The term of the patent is 20 years after the day date of filing the application. An annual maintenance fee is required to maintain a granted patent.

For more information about copyrights, visit here

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